Thank you to our Partners

Our partners are committed to enabeling an ecosystem of HBCU research, based on the African-American lived experience. The lived experience must inform research, conversation & policy change. Our goal is to provide evidence for solutions, not quantify the problem. We encourage those who support social justice, to connect, collaborate, contribute and join us to create a solutions-based ecosystem and amplify the great work HBCUs are already doing.

Walmart Foundation is supporting the Payne Center through their Center for Racial Equity.

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Arabella Advisors is a proud partner of the Payne Center.

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CBRE is supporting HBCU-based research to advance racial equity in real estate.

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The Boston Consulting Group is partnering with the Payne Center

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Mark Frohman - Frohman Consulting Corp.

Payne Center Founding Donor

“The important mission of the Payne Center for Social Justice echoes and extends Justice Marshall’s lifelong commitment to social justice as well as the outstanding contributions of TMCF to HBCUs, higher education, and the general public over the past 35+ years. For the Black community and for us all, it couldn’t be more timely nor important. It was the profound insight of MLK: ‘an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere!’ I applaud and am proud to support the Payne Center’s leadership in moving the nation toward accountability and justice for all.”

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