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    Our Vision

    To promote a just and more equitable society by advancing academic research (particularly from the HBCU community) that fosters and advocates for fair, data-driven, public policies that undergird racial, economic, political, and social justice in domestic and global contexts. Learn More

    As catalysts and creators of change, HBCUs have been at the vanguard of creating social justice through education, action, and research for nearly 200 years.

    Our Mission

    To pursue research that informs public policy and improves the lives of Black Americans and all marginalized groups.

    The overarching intent is to create a truly just society by conducting and commissioning rigorous policy studies and collecting, supporting, and highlighting research from and about HBCUs. The Payne Center's research philosophy asserts that those directly impacted by systemic discrimination and injustice are often well suited to propose solutions to eliminate those barriers. Learn More

    While some focus on quantifying the inequities, the Center for Social Justice seeks to identify solutions.

    We are amplifying an ecosystem of evidence-based HBCU research – inspired by the African American lived experience – to identify solutions and inform social justice policy.

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