Social injustice is deeply embedded in policies and practices in every level of government and industry. It not only costs lives, it continues to diminish educational and economic opportunities for millions of African Americans and marginalized populations.

For over 150 years Historically Black Colleges and University’s have been in the forefront in lifting up the African American communities. Without HBCUs there wouldn’t be a black middle class as it exists today. We are very excited about the N. Joyce Payne Center for Social Justice. For our namesake, Thurgood Marshall, a champion for civil rights, it is more than appropriate for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund to be engaged in this initiative. We feel very confident that we can be the answer in helping to solve some of the major challenges our country is facing right now.

HBCUs are an ideal ecosystem for research scholars to create break-through ideas that lead to the creation of social justice models that don’t exist today.

With the Center for Social Justice, I believe that we will be in the forefront leading this initiative, to continue to uplift leading the African American community.

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